Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Galactic Odyssey Collection Botropolis Rescue Mission Rocket Base - Giftset

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Sky Lynx has indigestion somewhere out in the cosmos so low and behold, a new Galactic Odyssey begins on the well traveled fan-favorite never-heard-of-it-before planet of Botropolis.

Relive your favorite episodes and comic issues of Transformers where this incredible cast of characters set off on a journey to save Sky Lynx from space-chicken-dysentery. Not only can you have a SECOND Ironworks figure, you now have Overair who defies all principles of logic to conduct an explosive mental gymnastics routine all to convince you he is not just Airwave with an Autobot symbol on him

This set was redecoed to align with the color scheme of Sky Lynx, but you could've fooled us! Four Micromasters from the Astro Squad are included, but you'd be under a lot of stress if you had to figure out what they were supposed to be named, because they don't have official names.

Both deluxe modulator figures can combine to make the laziest excuse for the Zone Micromaster Rocket Base the world has ever seen. This set is simply a must have if your eyes are failing you. Look, it even comes with a rocket piece that is swiped from the Doubledealer leader class figure.

Set includes:

  • Ironworks
  • Overair
  • Missle Master
  • Moonrock
  • Phaser
  • Ass Blaster

Now your Micromaster Astro Squad is complete! Just kidding, instead of all six you just have doubles of one half of it so suck it Trebek!

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