PFcon 2019 Rise of the Scalperbots Giftset

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PFcon 2019 will be held this summer, June 29 & 30 in Chicago, IL. Learn more at

Purchase of the 2019 exclusive giftset is required to attend the VIP-only Saturday event. Characters are Chicagocons Freezah, P3, and Philswitch. Includes 2 transtector bodies and a titanmaster vehicle. Also includes a Scalperbot Elite Titanmaster which can turn Freezah's transtector body into a powerful Scalperbot battle-mech! Beware!

Features of this set include:

  • 2 Deluxe class TRANSECTOR figures
  • 4 Titan Masters
  • 1 Titanmaster vehicle
  • Exclusive custom Chicagocon & Scalperbot faction symbols.
  • Comic by Robots With Coffee. 8 pages!
  • Character art by Obvian.
  • Each figure comes packaged in unique collectible custom packaging.
  • Includes free raffle ticket for PFCON2019 raffle giveaway (must be in attendance to win.)
  • Some sets may include Collecticash vouchers redeemable only at Collecticon Toys!
  • Custom packaging unique to this giftset!

**LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER** Orders will be manually checked, and any that are duplicates will be cancelled. Attendee packages that are purchased will also be manually checked to make sure that person is able to attend.  If you cannot attend PFCON, only purchase the non-attendee package and pay shipping. Sorry but dem's da breaks, DAWG.

Only 19 are available for public consumption and they are only sold in a set. No discounts will be allowed on these orders. Purchasing of attendee sets also includes VIP-attendance for PFcon Friday or Saturday.

Thank you for your interest!  Reach out to @pfconchicago on twitter for more info!