Transformers Generations Selects Super Megatron - Voyager Japan

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After many, many, MANY moons, the Ultimate Emperor of Destruction as seen in Transformers Battlestars Manga, is FINALLY getting an actual toy! This ain't no TF Animated homage, this is the real deal! Ok, well it's just a super heavy remold of Titans Return Galvatron but they went as far as they could with it!

Released in Japan by TakaraTomy Mall, this figure appears to fit somewhere between Voyager and Leader size, based on its price point. It's a Japanese Generation Selects so expect it to come out in Japan with a sweet Japanese Selects sleeve, that will months later be sold by Hasbro with a nasty-ass black sleeve with a number designation on it. Get it early and get it pure by pre-ordering the Japanese version, Collecticons!

Includes a giant cannon and it MIGHT include a Titan Master! Don't quote us on that though.

Comes mint in sealed box with sleeve from Japan.