PFcon 2018 Clone Set Exclusive

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PFcon 2018 isn't letting the past get it down, no. It has moved on to a whole new level of exclusive figure and this year instead of a simple titanmaster, two full-sized basic class Transformers are on the menu. The identities of these figures are still a mystery and will be revealed on July 27th at

Features of this set include:

Mint in reusable box and blister insert. Includes original Clone set instruction manual.

**LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER** Orders will be manually checked, and any that are duplicates will be cancelled. Attendee packages that are purchased will also be manually checked to make sure that person is able to attend.  If you cannot attend PFCON, only purchase the non-attendee package and pay shipping. Sorry but dem's da breaks.

Only 18 are available for public consumption and they are only sold in a set. No discounts will be allowed on these orders. Purchasing of attendee sets also includes VIP-attendance for PFcon July 27-29th.