Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Convoy Optimus Prime 3.0 with Trailer - Japan pre-order

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Battle lines have been drawn. Many tears have been shed. The Convoy wars have just begun!

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In a ear-popping turn of events, TakaraTomy has labeled the third iteration of G1 Optimus Prime as MP-44, and Transfandom will never be the same again.

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Transformers brand in 2019, this will soon be a flagship figure for the entire brand.

Color photos are in and nothing will ever be the same again. Figure is expected to come with the following:

- Starscream head and shoulder accessories from "Megatron's Master Plan" G1 episode (this is awesome by the way because it means this is technically a Starscream figure in Optimus Prime clothes!)
- Laser rifle (duh), Energy axe, 2 beam effects, Rocket backpack, energy treasure!?
- Spike, Sparkplug figures
- Battle damage head and torso from The Transformers: The Movie
- Character card
- The frickkin' matrix of leadership
- Roller and mobile battle station for the first time!

Anyway, quit your cryin' and pony up Collecticons because this is the big kahuna and welcome to Trump's Transformers America now! 

Product is estimated to weight 5-6 lbs.

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