Transformers Masterpiece MP-711 Convoy (7-Eleven Ver.) - Japan

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Here's a rare one.

TakaraTomy decided to skip a few numbers and went straight to the convenience store. 7-11 Convoy was a super special limited release available only at 7-Eleven stores in Japan. If you've never been to Japan, you might not understand the bastion of grace that this chain represents.

Featuring branding 7-Elevan logos and even a stock worker employee accessory, this figure is the closest we're likely to get to a non-armor Ultra Magnus. Make no mistake though, this is NOT Ultra Magnus. This is 7-11 Convoy!!

He is very reminiscent of MP-02. He also features a green energon axe and matrix! It just doesn't get zanier than this... or does it?

Comes mint in sealed box.

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