Transformers Masterpiece MP-49 Black Convoy - Japan

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This is the Japanese release of this figure.

Black Convoy - the name that draws swords and starts wars! Is it Nemesis Prime? Is it Scourge? Is it your estranged uncle from our West that reappeared during the holidays asking for money? Edit: It's really Black Convoy Destron Unicronian Herald!

The truth may never be known but this repaint of 2019's release of MP44 Cybertron Commander Optimus Prime will be coming sans trailer and the price is a little easier to swallow for you saddies out there that missed it the first time.

Come on, you knew a black repaint of that toy was coming asap and here it is as the penultimate Masterpiece toy before the big FIVE-OH. 

Accessories known for this figure include:

  • Laser rifle
  • Blue energy axe
  • Silver Matrix of Chaos
  • Blue laser effect
  • Alternative round head

Also comes with instructions and a character card, but who cares? Other than ScottyP, of course.

Comes new in sealed box.

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