Transformers Masterpiece MP-11SW Skywarp - China

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MP-11SW Destron Warrior Skywarp was the first redeco of the new MP seeker mold that did not include the cape and crown accessories. It was first release by Hasbro Asia as a Chinese exclusive.

Notice the box has the 30 Year anniversary logo on it and the bottom of the box has a Hasbro logo.

This version of the toy has some notable deco differences from the reissue in 2016, the most obvious of which is the bluer and colder purple plastic.

What is somewhat notable about the Skywarp release is that it comes with the Megatron gun originally packed with the very first masterpiece toy. This is in reference to an episode or two when Skywarp was allowed to fire Megatron. Cool!

Comes mint in sealed box.

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