Transformers Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream - Asia

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MP11 Starscream was so hot and in demand that hordes of people out of just Japan and America wanted it. Hasbro Asia to the rescue! They made a second run of this beautiful figure with intentions to release it only in Asia markets and China.

Released a year after the first initial run of MP-11, the 2013 version has some distinct tells that require a very trained eye.  Specifically on the box, the product date stamp code will start with the letter H and appear to the right of the barcode. First-run versions will have their stamp to the left side under the "made in china" text.

Another tell is the direction of the shoulder pads in the packaging. They will be packaged with their underside showing the direction that Starscream is facing. Starscream will also have a paper tie around his waist, which is not included on the first run of the toy.

Another major tell of the toy itself is that there is a mushroom peg holding the nose cone to the fuselage and not just a pin, as was the case in the first run edition.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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