Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy Mode "EVA" - Reissue

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Brace for Third Impact! Did you know this toy got reissued?

Worlds collide as two of Japan's greatest cultural exports merge into MP-10 Convoy Mode "EVA"! Convoy has been infused with the curse of Eva and is now the spitting image of Evangelion Unit-01 and he's ready to kick some angel ass! Let's just hope he doesn't go berserk...

This incredible crossover is perhaps the pinnacle of Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy. The toy is incredibly rare and sought-after with tons of fanboy dreams finally coming true. The autobot have joined the ranks of NERV and this is indicated by the multiple logos plastered on the trailer and Convoy's arms.

This figure comes with all of the cool accessories that the original MP-10 included, but with awesome Evangelion NERV decos!

Comes mint in sealed box.

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