Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy - First Run

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The first major Renaissance of the Masterpiece toy line came in 2011 with the second Masterpiece mold for Convoy.

This all new toy took the concept of Masterpiece to the next level with tons of playability and accessories that ushered in a new idea of what the Masterpiece Transformers could and would become.

This version came with a brand new trailer with tons of play features and included Spike and Roller as secondary accessory figures. The price was also a shock to some as it was now the most expensive Masterpiece toy of them all.

Not everyone loved the new mold though, with different proportions than may were used to. Was this more trukk or monkkey? The years have been kind to the MP-10 mold though, and many consider it the quintessential Optimus Prime toy. Although they are wrong.

This version is significantly different than the subsequent Hasbro USA versions in that it has a much darker blue and the red is a bit muted. It is a toy-deco color scheme versus an anime accurate one.

The first run of this toy features a foil sticker on the front designating this as the "Perfect New Model" of Convoy.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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