Transformers Masterpiece MP-07 Thundercracker - Japan

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MP-7 Destron Warrior Thundercracker 


The end of the original Seeker mold Masterpiece toys. Destron Warrior Thundercracker was a rare bird indeed. As most people balked at the idea of collecting multiple similar toys in the same deco, Seeker collectors licked their lips and their persistence paid off.  The fandom at large dimissed MP-6 Thundercracker and so not a lot were made. This in turn, made the value of this toy sky rocket.  It is one of the first un-naturally rare Masterpiece toys and there's never been another one quite like it!

This rendition of Thundercracker uses his darker blue toy colors which is a bit of an anomaly compared to future released. A spectacular toy, this Thundercracker demands higher than normal prices.

Includes a stand, null ray,s missiles, a pilot and a gun clip.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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