Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron - Japan

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Let me tell you youngsters something: we weren't even sure this toy was going to pass customs when we were making pre-orders!

MP-5 Decepticon Destron Leader Megatron


The third brand new mold for Masterpiece Transformers was the big bad himself, Megatron! He was allegedly designed in about ten days and is scaled to fit with MP-1 Convoy. At the time of release, this was a modern marvel. Nowadays, well, he's near the bottom of the list of everyone's favorite Masterpiece Transformer. But don't write him off just yet!

Megatron's alt-mode is incredibly accurate, although oversized so no one can confuse him with the real thing. He also includes a highly sought after Kremzeek toy that is molded in clear yellow plastic. His other accessories are the laser pistol and saber from the animated filmed. He also has an energon mace which is incredibly long on a chain!

Although obsolete, this toy holds a place in Transformers history that shouldn't be forgotten.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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