Transformers Masterpiece MP-04S Convoy Sleep Mode - Hasbro Hong Kong

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Stop yawning. What's wrong with you, falling asleep?

Welcome to Transformers 2010 MP-4S Cybertron Commander Convoy Sleep Mode with Trailer - Asia release 

To add insult to injury, the freshly merged TakaraTomy decided to immortalize the death of Optimus Prime with this highly sought-after yet peculiar release of the Masterpiece Convoy version 1 mold. Although it may seem like this is a grayscale deco, it is in fact a very drab red and blue color scheme. You have to look closely.

Additional unique aspects of this release include a translucent "ghost" trailer, a grayscale energon axe, a dead matrix, a pale laser cannon, and the coolest Masterpiece accessory of all time: a reformat Megatron gun in clear purple plastic!!!


Billed as a limited release of only 2010, there was some tom-foolery going on since there were 2010 copies of the Japanese release as well as 2010 additional asian releases by Hasbro Hong Kong. The only way to discern between the releases is to open up the package and see what your character bio card says.  Hasbro Hong Kong cards say "C - ####/2010". Another way to find out is if this toy is still packaged in it's individual shipper box. The Asia Hasbro Hong Kong release copies come in a non-branded cardboard box with freight information on the sides.

This is the Asia Hasbro Hong Kong release! The shipper box is not guaranteed to come with this release, the image is supplied for reference only.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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