Transformers Masterpiece MP-04 Convoy Perfect Edition - First Run

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They had the gall to call this the "Perfect Edition." What bad comedy. Well, to be fair, this was the bee's knees back in 2006!  This is the first run, not the 2009 reissue.

MP-4 Cybertron Commander Convoy Perfect Edition w/ Trailer

If the cardboard folding trailer was getting a thumbs down from you, then the first re-release of a masterpiece toy was a blessing. This version was a slightly modified version of the original Masterpiece mold but included a sick giant semi trailer for vehicle mode.


The trailer could fit Alternator-sized vehicle inside of it, which at the time were stand-ins well before anyone realized what the Masterpiece toyline would become. Although the trailer was a welcome addition, it was mostly a rectangle with wheels.  There is no roller but inside was the repair drone that had some articulation.

This release comes with all the same accessories as the first Masterpiece version of Covnoy, like the Megatron gun, energy axe, laser cannon, and matrix.

The biggest divergence from the previous release are the changes to the stickers on Convoy's communicator panels. This edition features G1 Grimlock and Megatron on his comms, which unbeknownst to anyone was a veiled hint at what was in store for the next two new molds in the Masterpiece toyline...

Comes mint in sealed box.

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