Transformers Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream USA Edition - Japan

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MP-3 Decepticon Starscream USA Edition from Japan


Although this looks very similar to the Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Starscream release at Walmart in the USA, it is definitely not. This is the Japanese G1-colored release that shared the same packaging as the Hasbro USA release, but this Japanese toy is definitely different in many ways.

The major tells that make it clear this is the Japanese release is that there is the blue fighter jet sticker on the front of the box and a Japanese product info sticker on the bottom of the packages as well.

As for the figure inside, it shares the same molding that is unique to the Japanese MP-3 version of Masterpiece Starscream. The tail fins are pointier and sharper than the USA edition that were rounded off. The nose cone is also a bright blue under the silver paint, but it's hard to know that unless you rub the paint off. 

This is generally a pretty rare release.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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