Transformers Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream - Japan

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Before collectors' shelves were bulging at the seams with seekers, there was the first Masterpiece jet: Greenscream!

MP-3 Decepticon Air Commander Starscream

The first Masterpiece Decepticon was always going to be Starscream, of course! This radical design featured a very realistic looking color scheme instead of the expected anime-accurate gray, red, and blue of our favorite fly-boy. This color scheme has yet to be re-used on any future version of toy as of 2020!

Released in 2006 exclusively in Japan, it features removable 'scabbard' thigh parts that are necessary for jet mode, but many collectors opted to remove them for robot mode display.

Includes a base that can hold both robot and jet mode and a Dr. Archieville figure that can ride in his cockpit. This toy is littered with cool realistic jet plane features that must be experienced. They must be.

Comes in sealed box, but there is excessive shelfware.

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