Transformers Masterpiece MP-02 Ultra Magnus - First run

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This is the original run of  MP-02 Ultra Magnus that came out in 2005. You can tell the reissue box from the original by the red TAKARA Logo on the bottom right versus the blue TAKARATOMY logo on the top right found on the later release after the companies merged. Accept no substitutes, Collecticons!

MP-2 Cybertron City Commander

This white redeco of the first ever masterpiece toy features an all black ion cannon, an E-hobby Megaplex deco of the Megatron gun, a blue energy axe that attaches to the arm, and a blue crystal matrix! The matrix lights up with batteries in his chest.

Also includes a cardboard G1 Ultra Magnus car carrier trailer, but you wouldn't open it to play with that 10+ year old piece of cardboard, now would you? Maybe you are a savage though...

This is a super classic masterpiece mold and everyone should experience it once!

Comes mint in sealed box.

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