Transformers Masterpiece MP-01L Convoy Last Shot - Japan

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MP-1 Cybertron Commander Convoy Last Shot Final Production Run


All good things come to an end, and when MP-01 was announced to receive a final send-off of its mold use, something fishy was in the air. They were cooking up something strange after the ninth Masterpiece toy but no one was quite sure what...

This special edition release of MP-01 has a few tells on the box. This is the only version of MP-01 that has the Blue TakaraTomy logo in the top right and it should have a large foil sticker on the front that designates this as the Last Shot version.

The toy itself remains mainly unchanged but the word "LAST SHOT" is imprinted into the metal plate on his back, also helping identify this as the MP-01L release.

This release also came with a Japanese release of the voice stand that had recently been available in the Classics release of Masterpiece Optimus Prime in the USA by Hasbro. This stand has over 10 different voice clips from the Japanese show. This comes packaged inside the box with a special plastic insert.

Comes mint in sealed box.

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