Transformers Masterpiece MP-01 Convoy - Japan

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This is it! The big guy that started us down the yellow-brick road to Vector Sigma, the first masterpiece, the head honco, MP-01 Convoy! Or Optimus Prime if you're not a weeb like the rest of us.

MP-1 Cybertron Commander Convoy

This amazing toy is 12-inches tall and doesn't quite fit in with modern Masterpiece toys but there is a charm and an awe to the presence of this action figure which truly encapsulates the meaning of Masterpiece Transformers.

This was released in 2003 by Takara and includes a gray laser rifle, Matrix of Leadership accessory, and a translucent orange energy axe that can be affixed to either hand. The box also includes a carboard folding trailer that is a stand-in for an actual trailer in truck mode. Oh yeah, it also includes a G1 Megatron pistol accessory!

You have to start from the beginning and no respectable Masterpiece collection of Transformers goes without it!

Comes mint in sealed box.

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