Transformers War For Cybertron Siege Complete Wave 2 Bundle pre-order

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Are you a true Collecticon? Do you need the whole Transformers Siege line looking nice and minty fresh? Well this is the easiest way to get it all! Includes the Battlemasters through Voyager figures. Leaders not included. 10 boxes total, 12 figures! Save almost $15 off of buying them individually + free domestic shipping!

Includes the following:

WFC-S15 - Aimless - Battlemaster
WFC-S16 - Pteraxadon - Battlemaster
WFC-S17 - Ravage & Laserbeak - Micromaster
WFC-S18 - Stakeout & Red Heat - Micromaster
WFC-S19 - Chromia - Deluxe
WFC-S20 - Ironhide - Deluxe
WFC-S22 - Sixgun - Deluxe
WFC-S23 - Prowl - Deluxe
WFC-S24 - Soundwave - Voyager
WFC-S25 - Starscream - Voyager

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All come mint in sealed box and packaged expertly!