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The Chaos Bringer is sick of facimilies, accept no substitute! The ultimate evil of the Transformers universe is coming to life (hopefully) in a big mean scale-defying action figure that is being crowdfunded by Hasbor's Haslab project!

The figure is HUGE at over 27 inches tall and is expect to weight over 19 pounds (8.6kg)! Is that even possible? Well, we will see because...

The War for Cybertron Unicron toy is not guaranteed to be made. It needs to garner over 8000 backers at a price of $574.99!  That means the project needs more than $4,599,920 to get made! Yikes! Will it happen?  Well our bargaining posture is highly dubious. Especially if you live outside the USA... (spoiler alert: it happened!)

This figure is in-hand, in stock, and ready to ship!

Till all are one!


And now for the official stuff: 

UNICRON stands alone as the most menacing figure in TRANSFORMERS lore, capable of devouring entire worlds and civilizations. He debuted in the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie and his insatiable appetite nearly brought the entire universe to its knees. But his legacy transcends both space and time.

The gigantic UNICRON would be the largest TRANSFORMERS figure ever created, taking the title from the previous record-holder, FORTRESS MAXIMUS. Artists and designers from Takara Tomy and Hasbro are working to capture the intricate details and features of the relentless Chaos Bringer to make this the most accurate UNICRON fans have ever seen.

In his immense robot mode, this version of UNICRON is over 27” tall and has more than 50 points of articulation. Includes fine pose-ability, such as movable eyes, fingers, mouth, and even teeth. He converts into a terrifying planet mode that is a stunning 30” in diameter. The planet mode features the iconic planet-eating jaws, geared to open so UNICRON can devour unassuming worlds. The planet mode also features a series of posable planetary rings. Comes with a stand for posing both planet & robot mode.