Transformers Vintage G1 Optimus Prime Reissue

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He's back and he's not wearing black! It's the original vintage Generation 1 Autobot leader like you've never seen him before: sans trailer! Yes, it's true. For the first time ever, the G1 Optimus cab is being released WITHOUT the trailer! "Ba-humbug," you may say, but you can shut your dirty mouth because no one actually wants the trailer. Seriously, it's been an extra brick of 'what the hell do I do with this?' in collector's hands for years. So kudos to Hasbro and Walmart for taking the plunge and releasing just the good parts.

Includes 2 fists, and 2, count'em, TWO versions of Optimus Prime's laser rifle. One is the non-bloated version, and the other is the bloated version. If you don't know what that means, go somewhere else and look it up, heathen.

Comes mint in sealed box.