Transformers Vintage G1 Hot Rod Reissue - Packed Backwards

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He's got touch and he's been re-issued, again!

G1 Autobot Hot Rod is gracing the dingy shelves at your local Wal-mart right now!  Just kidding, it's sold out and you can't find it. That's why you're here! This re-issue is pretty true to the original packaging and even includes those god-forsaken box flaps. Enjoy those in about 15 years, kids!

This figure has some unique deco features not found on any other Rodimus toy, but you can go somewhere else to detail what those are. It does feature the weird new red rubsign.

This product comes mint in sealed box! Yes, not very nice quality package :-)
This version of the product has the toy packaged backwards as pictured in the listing.