Transformers TCG Skywarp Sneaky Prankster - Character Card

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Starscream is of course going to be in this game, kickin' ass and takin' a name.

Rarity: Uncommon 
Number: 35 
Description:When you flip to this mode -> Each player reveals the top card of their deck.

Bot Mode
When this defends and you flip at least [W] -> You may choose one of your other characters. If you do, damage from this attack is done to that character instead.

Sub-Type: Plane, Ranged // Ranged
Offense: 4/4
Defense: 2/2 
Health: 8
Stars: 6

Character cards are 88 x 126 mm or 3.46 x 4.97 inches.

Cards come contained in card protectors. Orders with multiple cards may combine multiple same-sized cards into the same card protectors.