Transformers TCG Menasor Menacing Collossus - Combiner Set of 5 cards

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Get these five guys together and you have trouble!


Bold 1, Tough 1, Pierce 1
You may play and extra Action on each of your turns. When this is combined Draw 2 cards.

Sub-Type: Car, Ranged, Melee // Melee
Offense: 6
Defense: 2
Health: 25
Stars: 25

This set consists of 5 character cards from Rise of the Combiners that may be played together to create this combiner.

  • Dead End Doomed Loner
  • Decepticon Drag Strip Cutthroat Warrior
  • Breakdown Paranoid Scout
  • Offroad All-Terrain Soldier
  • Motormaster Stunticon Leader

Character cards are 88 x 126 mm or 3.46 x 4.97 inches.

Cards come contained in card protectors. Orders with multiple cards may combine multiple same-sized cards into the same card protectors.