Transformers TCG Kickback Cunning Insecticon - Character Card

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Everyday is leg day for Kickback, the jumpiest Insecticon of the whole bunch.

When this damages an enemy -> Repair 1 damage from one of your Insecticons. Bot Mode
When this is attacking, flip 2 more battle cards for each other Insecticon you began the game with.

Rarity: Uncommon 
Number: 25 
Sub-Type: Insecticon, Melee // Insecticon, Melee 
Offense: 3/0
Defense: 1/1
Health: 9 
Stars: 5

Character cards are 88 x 126 mm or 3.46 x 4.97 inches.

Cards come contained in card protectors. Orders with multiple cards may combine multiple same-sized cards into the same card protectors.