Transformers Studio Series ROTF Constructicon Devastator Bundle - Set of 9

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This is it: the toy all young Transfans have been waiting for since they were 7 or 8. You only had to wait ten years to get your supposed grail figure. Well feel good because the wait will have been worth it. This is a bundle package for Revenge of the Fallen Devastator made of eight individual Constructicons released over the past 2 years. Combine them all into the fearsome garbage pile known was Devastator!


  • Studio Series 37 Voyager Rampage
  • Studio Series 41 Deluxe Scrapmetal
  • Studio Series 42 Voyager Long Haul
  • Studio Series 47 Deluxe Hightower
  • Studio Series 53 Voyager Mixmaster
  • Studio Series 55 Leader Scavenger
  • Studio Series 61 Voyager Scrapper
  • Studio Series 66 Leader Overload
  • Studio Series 67 Voyager Skipjack

All 9 figures are from the mass retail release versions that began in 2019, ended in 2020 and remain new in sealed box.

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