Transformers Studio Series ROTF Constructicon Devastator Bundle - Set of 9

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This is it: the toy all young Transfans have been waiting for since they were 7 or 8. You only had to wait ten years to get your supposed grail figure. Well feel good because the wait will have been worth it.

This is a bundle package for Revenge of the Fallen Devastator made of eight (plus one) individual Constructicons released over their 2 year run. Combine them all into the fearsome garbage pile known as Devastator!


  1. Studio Series 37 Voyager Rampage
  2. Studio Series 41 Deluxe Scrapmetal
  3. Studio Series 42 Voyager Long Haul
  4. Studio Series 47 Deluxe Hightower
  5. Studio Series 53 Voyager Mixmaster
  6. Studio Series 55 Leader Scavenger
  7. Studio Series 61 Voyager Scrapper
  8. Studio Series 66 Leader Overload
  9. Studio Series 67 Voyager Skipjack

All 9 figures are from the mass retail release versions that began in 2019, ended in 2020 and remain new in sealed box.

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