Transformers Studio Series 09 Thundercracker - Voyager ToysRUs Exclusive

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This Toys R Us exclusive voyager-sized figure is a blue and gray redeco of The Last Knight's Nitro Zeus figure with a remolded removable head that may not exactly scream "G1 Thundercracker", but it does fit in with the movie aesthetic.

The top flap of the box states this is a Transformers: Dark of the Moon-based figure, but it is an entirely off-screen representation of a classic character never actually seen in any fiction.

Fans love the mold and as the first non-original mold in the Transformers Studio Series movie line, it scratches the perfect itch. Quantities are limited, so don't delay. All items come mint in sealed box. Like all Transformers Movie Studio Series figures, the packaging includes instruction booklet and a fold out backdrop display.