Transformers Prime First Edition 001 Bumblebee (Multilingual) - Deluxe Canada

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This is the multilingual package variant for this figure which has chrome lettering in multiple languages on the front, side, bottom, and back of the card. It originates from Canada and perhaps some other countries outside of the USA.

The first deluxe Transformers Prime First Edition toy was, of course, Bumblebee. After the hoopla of the Bayverse films, Transformers Prime took the successes of that franchise and tried to create their own animated story in the same vein.

The First Edition Prime toys share a lot of aesthetics with the movies but still retain their Transformers roots. This version of Bumblebee is highly articulated and is superior to all other Prime Bumblebee molds that followed it. Trust us on this.

Comes mint on sealed card.