Transformers Pink Prototype G1 Hot Rod - Custom Partswap Reissue

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***This is a made-to-order custom part-swap. Please allow 2 weeks of production time before shipping***

You've seen the film countless times, you know the truth, you always have! Hot Rod was not a red car or robot, he was pink!!  More-accurately, he was magenta.


With the recent Retro G1 reissue of Hot Rod, a new possibility has arisen: the chance to create your own Prototype-Pink G1 Hot Rod transforming action figure. But why do it yourself when you can have someone else do it for you?

This figure is a custom-assembled and somewhat heavy-duty part-swap of the G1 Vintage Hot Rod reissue and Retro G1 TF:TM Hot Rod reissue combined into a Reissue facsimile of the the original product photography samples of G1 Hot Rod.

Why do it yourself when you can leave it to the pros known for the world-renowned PFCON exclusives? You're free to try for yourself, but we have the toys, and we've got the talent! This chick is toast!

The final assembled figure includes these features:

  • Magenta plastic parts from the Retro G1 reissue
  • Painted face from the Retro G1 reissue
  • Applied chrome stickers from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • Applied and functional rubsign from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • Chrome pipe parts from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • Orange and yellow parts from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • Paint-stripped metal feet from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • Red flame sticker from the car body still attached, which do not fully match the magenta plastic color
  • Black rubber tires and hubcaps from the Vintage G1 reissue
  • 4 blaster accessories - 2 gray, 2 white
  • Packaging that the source figures were removed from (quality of packaging may vary and may suffer from shelf-ware)

This custom figure is NOT made from any of the following:

  • Unofficial retro labels or hand made stickers
  • Unofficial repro-parts from third party sources
  • Non-factory paint applications

Also includes will be a build of the remaining pieces from the two reissues we colorfully refer to as Autobot Leftovers! A new bot to join your battalion!

Please be aware of the following conditions of purchasing this piece:

  • This is a custom build and unexpected complications can occur during the disassembly and re-assembly process such as small amounts of paint residue left in cracks or crevices
  • slightly imperfect sticker application due to unknown variables of each factory applied sticker
  • plastic imperfections from heat removal of pins and hardware
  • Imperfections due to aging of the source toys (ie: chrome discoloration)
  • We of course intend to avoid all of these potential imperfections but each build is unique and we want you to be aware of these minor differences between each build that makes your toy one-of-a-kind!

This toy will be assembled and then transformed into car mode, and then placed within the Vintage G1 Hot rod box with a "PFCON EXCLUSIVE" sticker applied to the front bubble.  This package also includes the box for Retro G1 TF:TM Hot Rod with Autobot Leftovers in the box. Quality of packaging is not guaranteed and packaging may include varying degrees of damage or shelf-ware.

If you have any questions or special requests, please reach out before you order one of these. Upon ordering, Collecticon Toys will reach out to you within 5 business days to confirm the details of your order and give you a timeline and address any special requests. We can honor the following types of requests:

  • Leave sticker sheet intact and decals unapplied
  • Leave the front hood sticker applied to the Vintage G1 figure
  • Leave the rub-sign applied to the vintage G1 figure
  • Changes to specific sources of part-swaps, such as leaving the darker orange retro parts connected to the final piece versus the lighter orange vintage
  • Leaving specific paint apps applied instead of removed from the retro figure