Transformers Missing Link C-04 Cliffjumper - USA pre-order

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This is the USA release of this figure with a black sleeve surrounding the original Japanese box.

You can't have one without the other. Another new mold presented in modernized form within the Missing Link toyline is trigger-happy Cliffjumper! 

This all new version of the classic minibot features lots of swivels, rivets, and articulation you never knew he could have! He also includes a sweet chrome blaster that he can actually hold in his hand, but hold the presses... is that a giant shoulder holstered BFG cannon!? Yes, my fellow Collecticons, it is.

When transformed into car mode, this toy looks like the spitting image of its original red version. 


  • Cliff Figure x 1
  • Photo Gun x 1
  • Bazooka Cannon x 1
  • Collector card x 1
  • Sticker x 1
  • Instructions x 1

Accept no substitutes: Missing Link or it stink!

Comes new in sealed box surrounded by Hasbro USA black sleeve.