Transformers Missing Link C-03 Bumble - Japan pre-order

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Our next new mold presented in modernized form within the Missing Link toyline is none other than party pal, Bumblebee!  Or Bumble as he was originally known in Japan.

This all new version of the classic minibot features lots of swivels, rivets, and articulation you never knew he could have! He also includes a sweet chrome blaster that he can actually hold in his hand. Grandma told me there'd be days like these, I just wish she was alive to see 'em!

When transformed into car mode, this toy looks like the spitting image of its original version. Perhaps a future version will include the new modernized anime face? We shouldn't give these companies any good ideas though...


  • Bumble figure x 1
  • Laser Gun x 1
  • Collector card x 1
  • Sticker x 1
  • Instructions x 1

Accept no substitutes: Missing Link or it stink!

Comes new in sealed box as release in Japan.