Transformers Masterpiece MPG-06S Trainbot Kaen in Raiden boxset - Japan

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In strange turn of events, an MPG combiner Raiden giftset will exist, but retroactively. This is a special release of the last part of the combiner, MPG-06 Kaen, that is packaged in a giftset box featuring Raiden box art that the single releases of the other 5 train bots can be re-packaged into for display and storage.

This is a Japanese TakaraTomy mall exclusive release only available in Japan. 

THE OTHER FIVE TRAINBOTS (MPG-01 through MPG-05) ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS GIFTSET! You need to purchase them separately and they can be contained within this box, supposedly.

Contents of this release:

  • Product details Train Bot Kaen body (1)
  • weapon (power laser) (1)
  • light sword for Raiden (1)
  • train mark for animation (1)
  • conventional line rail (1)
  • joint parts (1)
  • Raiden Joint parts for (1)
  • character card (1)
  • instruction manual (1)
  • complete set of Raiden BOX (lower box & upper box) (1)
  • light sword plated version for Raiden (1)
  • TF power base (base A ) (1)
  • TF power base (base B) (1)
  • TF power base (arm) (2)
  • dedicated display stand (arm) (4)
  • character card (Raiden) (1)

Comes new in sealed box imported from Japan. There is a white outer cardboard sleeve that surrounds the larger Raiden boxset package.