Transformers Masterpiece MP-18+ Anime Streak - USA

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This is the USA version that includes the black wrap-around MP-18+ Anime sleeve.  The inner Japanese box will not have a manufacturing ID stamp on the box, it will be on the sleeve.

Welcome the newest member of the G1 Autobot Cars to Anime-town: It's Streak! Not silver, not blue, not black, just straight up STREAK!

This isn't your run of the mill Masterpiece Plus Anime redeco though, no siree. This version includes some important remolding that allows multiple facial expressions for the first time on the Autobot car brother mold!

This toy also includes some never-before-seen blast effects that will attach to the laser rifle or even Streak's shoulder cannons.

This beloved mold has never looked better as Streak seems to have stepped right off the cartoon and onto your shelf. This version got a lot more affordable than the Japanese one! Woot woot!

Comes mint in sealed box, straight outta Computron. 

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