Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-4 Optimus Prime - Japan

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This is for the Japanese TakaraTomy release of the toy which features kanji on the front of the box and no Toys R US Hologram sticker.

Big Buddha himself comes from the motherland of Japan and features significantly different paint apps and plastic colors from the USA release. This very intricate toy is the most detailed and complicated transforming Movie Optimus Prime to date and my never be surpassed, but it's only 2020 when I write this so future me may be laughing at me from his grave.

This figure includes 2 swords, an a gas tank blaster. It comes packaged in robot mode, I think. If not, that means the USA one does.  The two different releases are packaged differently than each other; at the very least, I can tell you that.

Comes mint in sealed box! This is the Japanese release.