Transformers Legacy Wreck n' Rule Collection Iconic Wreckers Hammer - Build-a-figure

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Originally exclusive to Amazon and is the final reveal of the Wreck N' Rule collection.  

Here it is! The incredible, unbelievable, rare, and exceptionally ICONIC cardboard build-a-figure Wreckers hammer!

Never forget all of the memorable moments in Transformers Wreckers history where this hammer was wielded by our heroes to save the day and bring light to a universe of darkness. You will feel the power of God himself as you wield this mighty weapon against the toils of your 50-hour work week. Nothing can withstand the might of the ICONIC wreckers hammer.

This is truly a relic for the ages and its true power has yet to be recorded. Beware!

Comes unassembled and un-sullied, perfect for your immaculate display needs and desires.