Transformers IGA Decepticon Commander Starscream (Pre-Rub sign) - G1 Jet Mexico

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Another amazing grail Starscream is the elusive "Decepticon Commander" Silver Starscream from Mexico, released by IGA Plasticos.

Boxed samples are incredibly hard to come by but the box is an important addition to the piece since it is the one and only branded piece of literature that describes Starscream as the "Decepticon Commander"!  

  • ™ above the "S" in Transformers on the flap.
  • No rub-sign on the jet plane toy over the gray fuselage
  • Silver plastic instead of gray
  • IGA logo replacing Hasbro logo
  • ¡Mas de lo que ves! in placed of more than meets the eye.

Comes new in sealed box.