Transformers Generations Selects TT-GS01 Star Convoy - Leader USA

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Toys will be the same in Japan and the USA from now on, they said. There won't be ANY differences, they said.

Well toys are one thing but what wraps up the package matters just as much! This is the USA release of Generations Selects Star Convoy which originated in Japan as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive. When it arrived in the USA, it was revealed the Generations Selects that originate from Japan but are sold by Hasbro will have not only a cool Japanese sleeve around the cardboard Gen Selects box, but that sleeve will ALSO have a black USA sleeve as well!

Similar to the USA release Masterpiece figures, this black sleeve shows nothing about the figure inside and brandishes a garish item code in Impact font in white. Egad.

Inside is Star Convoy, a retooled version of POTP Optimus and Orion Pax to be Return of Convoy Optimus Prime and Star Convoy! A very cool combo indeed!

Comes mint in sealed box.

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