Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Giftset - Loose

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Combiner Wars Computron as one of the best of the combiner giftsets released by Hasbro because it featured brand new ankle-tilting feet, newly molded fists, and included the extra bot Scrounge! This is Scrounge's first time as a toy.

Some people swapped out figures from the Unite Warriors version of this set, which did not come with the brand new combiner accessories. Those people are crazy though, don't pay them no mind.

This is the definitive version of Computron and you can snag the whole kitten kaboodle in one beautiful giftset right here!

- Voyager Scattershot
- Deluxe Lightsteed
- Deluxe Afterbreaker
- Deluxe Strafe
- Deluxe Nosecone
- Legends Scrounge
- Cybaxx Mini shuttle

The figures come loose with all paperwork and accessories.  Box and box insert is not included.