Transformers Botbots Series 5 Frequent Flyers 8-packs - Complete Bundle of 4

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This is a bundle for Frequent Flyers 8-pack #1, #2, #3, & #4

Series 5 of Botbots is here! The other set of 5-packs in Series 5 is Frequent Flyers. There are 4 unique groupings of figures in the Frequent Flyers 8-Packs and here is your chance to get them all! Since it is series 5, the plastic bubble container is colored bright yellow-green.

    Forget worrying about receiving random assortments of 5-packs, Collecticon is here to save the day! You will know exactly which 5-pack you are buying and which characters are include on the un-opened package! Even though all these items share the same barcode, we will discern which packs are which.

    This package comes mint on sealed card.

    The 32 figures includes in this bundle:

    • Buffloon
    • Snuggle Puggle
    • Sweet Fang
    • Tamale Mal
    • Tranquillabeast
    • Unreelz Dealz
    • Brash Butterhead
    • Flood Jug
    • Reptilin' Sleepstylin'
    • Slurp-a-Derp
    • Special Optics
    • Bok Bok Bok-O
    • Bot-T-Builder
    • Doctor Flicker
    • Jet Setter
    • Shifty Gifty
    • Yard Guard
    • Bratworst
    • Leafmeat Alone
    • Lightweight
    • Professor Scope
    • Telly
    • Shudder x 2
    • Barf Bag x 2
    • Sandy Shades x 2
    • Poo Shoo (Blind-pack container)
    • SPF Gold (Blind pack container)
    • Tidy Trunksky (Blind pack container)
    • The Corn Crusader (Blin pack container)