Transformers Botbots Series 4 Claw Machine #1 - 6 figure Giftset

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This is Series 4 Unboxing Mystery Claw Machine 6-pack #1 with specific figures inside.

This is the special Unboxing Mystery Claw Machine Surprise gift set!  There are 10 gumball cases in here, but only six figures and four stickers. Each box includes a gold Botbot as well!

And now for the official stuff: GUMBALL MACHINE UNBOXING SURPRISE: This Gumball Machine surprise unboxing pack includes 5 BotBots figures, 1 gold figure, and 4 stickers. Pull the tab to vend the 10 surprises inside one at a time! 

This set includes:

  • Blurray Murray
  • Crabby Grabby
  • Miss Mixed
  • Mr. Memory Banks
  • Skitter Chatter
  • Goldface
  • 4 stickers
  • 10 Botbots Balls

This set comes mint in sealed box.