Transformers Botbots Series 2 Shed Heads 5-packs - Complete Bundle of 3

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This is a bundle for Series 2 Shed Heads 5-pack #1, #2, & #3

Been looking for the Series 2 Botbots? Well this is a great way to get the entire Shed Heads 5-pack set complete in package. Get all 3 unique assortments in one bundle.

    Forget worrying about receiving random assortments of 5-packs, Collecticon is here to save the day! You will know exactly which 5-pack you are buying and which characters are include on the un-opened package! Even though all these items share the same barcode, we will discern which packs are which.

    These sets combined include the following 15 botbots:

    • Bottocorrect
    • Brotato
    • Love Struck
    • Holey Moldy
    • Lolly Mints
    • Spots the Rock
    • Rock Swagger
    • Grrr'illa Grimes
    • Hawt Mess
    • Toughdown
    • Ol' Tic Toc
    • Drillit Yaself x 2
    • Tool bag x 2

    This package comes mint on sealed card.