ThreeA Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing

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The best looking representation of Transformers Movie Stars... err, Blitzwing ever! 
Relive the magic of Bumblebee's first Earthen encounter with a Decepticon with this highly screen-accurate representation of Decepticon Blitzwing.


Three A Transformer figures are known for their incredible accuracy and dedication to quality products.  Paint apps and articulation are incredible on this figure.  It looks like it stepped off of the film.

Includes LED lights that are battery powered. 102/3 inches tall and 51 points of articulation!  It's articulation nation, baby!

 Accessories included:

  • 1x Action stand with base for posting
  • 1x Inter-changeable right arm with Null-ray Blaster and a standard right arm
  • 1x inter-changeable left hand with Electro spike blade
  • 3 different interchangeable hands: relaxed hands, fists, and action hands