Nezha: Transformers Onebot Xiaomi Bumblebee Building Blocks

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From Chinese company Xiaomi comes a large building block style Cyberverse Bumblebee!   He can be built in both modes but let's get real, you want the robot.

It looks like the building blocks will be similar to Lego Technic bricks.

Product does not transform.

This product is large, and heavy, over five pounds! It does NOT include printed instructions on how to build it. It contains over 1000 pieces. There is a large sticker sheet, and there is a pamphlet with a QR code on it, HOWEVER, the QR code leads to an app that region blocked outside of Asia. We currently do not have instructions available but are working on it. We will try to procure and provide instructions if possible!

Comes new in sealed box wrapped in cellophane.