Nezha: Transformers Nezha & Transformer Hero - Deluxe

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What can we say? China was feeling left out from all the fun we've been having here in the USA, South America, and Japan so they went whole-hog and created their own proprietary franchise and mixed Transformer with their traditional folklore. Now we have Nezha: Transformers and this is the first official figure to be released! This series is related to Cyberverse in someway, but the nature of that connection is not 100% clear yet.

Nezha comes as a slightly posable smaller figure that can fit inside the transforming mech suit, becoming a pilot of some sort. The figure appears to be similar to the Bumblebee Spark Armor toy.

This figure also comes with some cool weapons like a Wind Fire Wheel and a Fire-tipped Spear. The packaging closely resembles Cyberverse Ultra packaging and is open boxed.

This product comes mint on sealed card. This is an open-faced package and is prone to shipping damage so do not expect a mint package, only the figure is mint.