Mondo Masters of The Universe Skeletor Glow in the Dark (Exclusive) - 12-inch

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This Skeletor isn't some cartoony villain, no sir. This is Mondo's frighteningly high-end 1/6 scale Skeletor action figure that was exclusive to Hot Topic and features Glow in the Dark pieces not available on any other release!

Skeletor has a fabric cape that adds to the realism of this fantasy character. He also has multiple hands and a variety of kick ass weapons. Only 450 of these were made!

This exclusive version includes accessories not found in the regular release.

  • Glow in the dark skull head
  • Glow in the dark Havoc Staff
  • Green harness crystal instead of red

Comes new in sealed Box. The non-glow in the dark version has a yellow skull and does not have the hot topic stick on the front of the box.