CBB A Field Army Green Combiner Robot - 6 figure giftset

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CBB Cool Become Brave Cool Change A Field Army Taikongzhans 6-figure combiner robot giftset.

This very cool set of 6 combining robots turns into one large mean green machine.

The combined robot is smaller than the official offering and scales well with most standard Combiner Wars gestalt toys.

The figure stands at 12" tall from foot to head, with some construction kibble extending beyond that vertically. Includes 2 black converting fist weapons, 2-piece purple blaster, and 3-piece purple chest shield. This set does NOT include individual blasters for the 6 robots. Combiner robot head does not include transforming visor gimmick.

Toys come without packaging but includes instructions and a large character art page. This is the green version of this set.

This figure is loose but unused and without packaging. This toy is and un-official third party production and may not meet quality standards associated with official product. Assembly errors, manufacturing defects, and breakage are not refundable. Purchase at your own risk.