The Collecticon Club

The Collecticon Club is a special group of invite-only VIP customers of Collecticon Toys. This program is developed to cater specifically to completists that are looking to streamline their buy processes and simplify their collecting life by guaranteeing them full lines of toys at discount bulk prices.

Why would I want to be part of The Collecticon Club?

If you collect entire toylines, or doubles, or even triples of said toylines, the costs add-up. Members of The Collecticon Club enjoy pricing discounts that are under retail and the personal satisfaction that they don't have to worry about a large amount of product they were going to buy anyway. It helps Collecticon Toys with its bulk purchasing power that over time will allow the discounts to be even better for loyal members of the club.

The Collecticon Club might be good for you if:

  • You like to collect everything released at regular retail for a brand's mainline.
  • You need 2 of everything, one to open and one to keep sealed
  • You aren't worried about WHEN you receive your items, but more about cost and not missing anything that went under your radar.
  • You like saving money on the purchase of many toys.
  • You like to save on shipping costs by bundling items into larger less frequent shipments.
  • You don't mind paying upfront for pre-orders as long as you know you'll get them.

The Collecticon Club would NOT be good for you if:

  • You need to get your toys as soon as possible and hopefully before everyone else.
  • You refuse to pay shipping costs of any kind.
  • You only want to cherry pick specific figures from each wave, giftset, or toyline.
  • You cancel preorders frequently because of whatever reason that fancies you.
  • You require all product packaging to be in grade-able condition.

How it works:

  1. You make a handshake agreement with Collecticon Toys as to which toylines or series of toys you collect and determine your Club Customer Profile for future pre-orders.
  2. When new pre-orders become available that fall under your Club Customer Profile, you will be notified of what the discount prices are and be shown a draft invoice.
  3. Pre-orders will be paid in advance via Paypal and after payment clears the draft invoice will be made official, creating an order assigned to your customer account.
  4. As pre-order items come in stock, your items will be collected and separated from our main inventory until a time comes that you desire to have your in-stock items shipped to you.
  5. After a shipping request has been made, shipping costs will be determined and invoiced to you.
  6. After shipping costs have been paid, all in stock items will be packaged securely and shipped to you. You will receive a tracking number by email.

Examples of a Club Customer Profile

  • Club Customer who wants 2 of every main line release of the Transformers Studio Series new in package as they come out.

    Items that wouldn't be covered: 31 Battle Damaged Megatron (Target Exclusive), 48 Universal Studios Megatron, 19 Bumblebee Vol.1 (SDCC Exclusive), Taobao Camo Blackout (China lucky draw), Taobao rusty bumblebee (China Lucky Draw)

  • Club Customer that wants 1 of every packaged set of Botbots.

    Items that wouldn't be covered: SDCC Covention Sets, Overseas Series 1.5 releases.

Items and products covered as part of a Collecticon Club membership:

  • All standard upcoming pre-orderable retail items such as War for Cybertron, Cyberverse, Botbots, Masterpiece, The Black Series, NECA, Super 7, Marvel Legends and more.
  • Items available for bulk purchase at the wholesale level. 
  • Certain overseas toylines and figures.
  • If you aren't sure about a certain item or toyline, just ask! 

Items and products NOT covered as part of a Collecticon Club membership:

  • Retailer exclusive items at stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, etc.
  • Convention exclusive items
  • Kickstarter or crowd-funded projects
  • Vintage or currently in-stock items. Pre-orders only!
  • Anything we are unable to purchase via bulk wholesale
  • There may be exceptions to this rule depending on item-specific circumstances

Fine print rules:

  • Cancellation of pre-orders may result in your termination from the program.
  • The determined pricing is based on your quantity of items purchased over time and should be considered confidential
  • This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, but at that time, customer is expected to pay shipping fees for all remaining in stock inventory that has already been paid for. Any paid-for pre-orders at time of termination of agreement will be expected to be fulfilled after they have arrived with shipment groups determined and paid for by the buyer.
  • Although we guarantee availability of your items, that guarantee does not cover quality of packaging. There can be arrangements for this but that is a premium service offering, and this is intended to be a discount service offering to save customers money. In all instances it is our intention to provide quality packaged product to club members.
  • We will never cancel a pre-order you have paid for, barring any un-natural circumstances like lost wholesale shipments or acts of God. There's a first time for everything though, and if we must cancel a pre-order, you will be repaid in full and notified as quickly as possible, Collecticon's Honor.
  • In-stock products and items outside of your longview Club Customer Profile may be available to you at a discount below our listed prices, but typically those are products that we need to sell in order to keep Collecticon Toys profitable. Any discounts we can offer are subject to a variety of factors and based on your history of purchases with Collecticon Toys. Do not expect the same level of discount as the items within your Club Customer Profile. We can be fair, but we have to stay in business too. :-)