Transformers Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime (Toy Edition) - USA

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This is the USA release of this toy! 

The clouds parted and a ray of sunshine bathed those beneath. They looked up and smiled for they have found salvation.

After forty years of redecos and special versions, the original Convoy mold that became the Optimus Prime we know and love, can rest easy for the prophecy has come to pass.

The original Transformers toy we all know and love has evolved and been given the gift of shoulders, hips, ankles, and more! This is a new era for G1 enthusiasts! He's got yellow eyes, dear God, YELLOW EYES!

C-01 Optimus Prime ushers in a new era and includes the following toy accurate accessories:

  • Transforming Trailer
  • Gray Roller
  • Laser Rifle
  • Battle Axe
  • Matrix
  • Hose
  • Nozzle

What you don't see on that list is FISTS!!!!!  Will they be part of the transformation? God tells us it must be so.

Comes new in sealed box with black Hasbro USA sleeve surrounding it.